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Bill Cosby Isn’t Alone in Turning Sexual Assault Allegations Into a Speaking Tour (Teen Vogue)

Why Colleges Reporting Zero Sexual Assaults Is a Bad Thing (Teen Vogue)

The ‘Black Hole’ of College Sports (Inside Higher Ed)

NLRB Chips Away at Athlete Amateurism (Inside Higher Ed)

In Unprecedented Move, U of Idaho’s Football Program to Depart Football Bowl Subdivision (Inside Higher Ed)

Colleges Frustrated by Lack of Clarification on Title IX Guidance (Inside Higher Ed)

Colleges Inflate Full Cost of Attendance Numbers, Increasing Stipends for Athletes (Slate)

A Long Shot: College Athletes Greatly Overestimate Their Chances of Playing Professionally (Inside Higher Ed)

First Weeks of College Can Be Deadly for Some Freshmen (PBS Newshour)

Hoosier Artist’s Collaboration with Civil-Rights Icon Strikes a Chord (Indianapolis Monthly)

Education-Technology Start-Ups are Booming (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Moving From Sadness to Reform: Memorials for Aaron Swartz Turn to Discussion of How to Honor His Legacy  (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Door-to-Door Sales Persons Linked to Employee Abuse (Indiana Daily Student)


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