Out in debt, denied booth at involvement fair

Last year’s Miss Gay IU drew a crowd of around 700 people, but that number just wasn’t enough, OUT President Robert Clayton said.

The organization is the largest Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender student group on campus and is beginning the 2010-11 school year owing “a little more than $3,000” to the IU Auditorium, Clayton said.

“We still had a large turnout last year, but we just weren’t able to cover our costs,” he said. “Had we gotten closer to 1,000, we probably wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in.”

Clayton said the main reason for the debt was some of last year’s board members overestimating the size of the event’s turnout.

“That being said, last year’s president, Joshua Sutton, a very cool, great, smart guy, had a lot of high hopes, and he did a really great job running things,” Clayton said.

“Things just didn’t quite work out the way that he and the rest of us had intended.”

OUT members remain optimistic about the problem and are reaching out to the community for help, Clayton said.

“OUT has a very long and successful history on the IUB campus,” he said. “We’ve been in debt before. We’re willing to work with anybody or any organization that’s willing to help out so we can get back on our feet and go back to being the great organization that we’ve always been.”

Clayton said after resolving the debt, OUT hopes to begin its main objective for the year — reaching out to other GLBT groups on campus.

“There are a lot of groups,” he said. “Our biggest goal is building bridges and working together to do something big for the IUB campus this year.”

That plan hit an early snag Wednesday, however, when OUT was not allowed a table at the IU Student Involvement Fair.

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