Herbert Richardson v. the World


[Chronicle of Higher Education] Some librarians say Herbert Richardson, the founder of Edwin Mellen Press, is a bully for his legal threats and lawsuits against bloggers who criticize his company. But he says he’s the one being bullied — that, during his own time as a university professor, his colleagues used “academic mobbing” to derail his career.

The lawsuits  are a reaction to what the publisher sees as a threat not just to his own good name but also to the alternate universe he has carefully crafted over the years to help academics like him who don’t always fit in the traditional university system. And in some ways, his legal threats are working, with several former colleagues refusing to speak on the record out of fear they would be sued. That fear could be justified. Mr. Richardson says the lawsuits are only the beginning of his counterattack.

Here are some other stories from my ongoing coverage of Mr. Richardson’s lawsuit against the librarian Dale Askey.

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Edwin Mellen Press Drops Lawsuit Against Dale Askey
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