A developed devotion: Associate Dean of Students Pam Freeman retires after 26 years at IU

In her corner office on Jordan Avenue, Associate Dean of Students Pam Freeman was surrounded by boxes Wednesday, June 29.

It was her last day on the job, but she still had some packing to do and an appointment to keep — there was a colleague’s retirement party in a few hours she needed to attend.

“I’m very appreciative of my time here, the positions I’ve held and the people I’ve met,” she said. “I’ve developed a real devotion to IU, despite not studying here. The message between the lines being: I have two degrees from Purdue.”

After working at IU for 26 years — 11 of them as the associate dean of students — Freeman is moving on, and, this week, Dean of Students Harold “Pete” Goldsmith officially named Jason Casares as Freeman’s successor.

As the associate dean, Freeman was the director of student ethics, leading Student Ethics and Anti-Harassment Programs in the Division of Student Affairs — a job Casares will also inherit as Freeman’s replacement.

There is a key difference, however, Freeman said.

Previously, the program combined the campus judicial system, resources that enhanced multicultural understanding and a support network for victims of bias-motivated incidents and other forms of abuse.

Under Casares, the programs will be divided.

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